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Bryn Athyn Cathedral: The Building of a Church
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Bryn Athyn Cathedral/The Building of a Church
written by E. Bruce Glenn, photography by Hal Conroy. Based on the original, with photography by Michael Pitcairn, this second edtion updates & deepens the original. The brillant new photos and updated and referenced text inspire all who read it. 207 pgs, 9.5 x 12", hardback, 3 lbs., 2011.
Bryn Athyn Cathedral: A Reflection of Faith
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Bryn Athyn Cathedral: A Reflection of Faith
Produced by Bryn Athyn Cathedral

Pictures and words designed to highlight the Bryn Athyn Cathedral. A history of its building and pictures with quotes from Swedenborg give a sense of the rich tapestry of its Gothic/Romanesque origins.

24 pages, 8 1/2 x 7 inches, paperback, 2008
Here's to Our Friends - The Bryn Athyn Community Cookbook
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Here's to Our Friends: The Bryn Athyn Community Cookbook
Bryn Athyn Chapter of the Theta Alpha Guild

ISBN: 978-0-615-22908-9, 398 pages, 7 x 9 1/2 inches, comb binding, 2008
The Core of Johnny Appleseed
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The Core of Johnny Appleseed: The Unknown Story of a Spiritual Trailblazer
by Ray Silverman

Recent biographies of John Chapman, better known as Johnny Appleseed, have portrayed him as anything from a schizophrenic wandering ascetic to a hedonistic pleasure-seeker. But who was the real man behind the misconceptions?

In this spiritual biography, Ray Silverman explores the stories and the popular misconceptions about Johnny Appleseed as well as the truths behind the legends. Chapman was not only a savvy businessman with nurseries and land holdings throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana, he was a compassionate friend and neighbor. But it is only once we talk about Chapman’s spiritual beliefs that we come to the core of who he was: a thoughtful and joyful Christian who was deeply moved by the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.

The picture that emerges is of a lighthearted person whose convictions led him to seek harmony not only in nature but in the spiritual realms also—and to share his bounty with as many people as he could.

ISBN:978-0-87785-345-9, 152 pages, paperback, 2012.
Illuminating the World of Spirit
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Illuminating the World of Spirit

This entertaining history of the Swedenborg Foundation Pub. gives the background and mission of the now-thriving company. Includes full catalog of their publications. -Paperback
Faith and Learning at Bryn Athyn College
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Faith and Learning at Bryn Athyn College|Edited by Dan A. Synnestvedt. Drawing on the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg, college faculty members of Bryn Athyn College of the New Church show how trust and confidence in divine revelation enlivens and deepens the study of the liberal arts. With articles on fields as diverse as philosophy and physics, composition and chemistry, arthistory and geomorphology, the reader experiences the breadth of learning available to a student at the college and the range of subjects touched by the new Christian faith. Faith and Learning at Bryn Athyn College shows how the new Christian theology changes our perspective on academic endeavors. At the same time, the spiritual aspect of the pursuit of truth knits the essays together as each professor writes about the ways that his or her specialty can both serve and reflect the Divine. Faith and reason can work together harmoniously, drawing on insights from both Athens and Jerusalem.The faculty at Bryn Athyn College continue to build a coherent foundation for future scholarship and a unique learning experience for its students. Index.ISBN 0-910557-27-6, 298 pages, 6 x 9, hb, 2004
The Morelands and Bryn Athyn
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The Morelands and Bryn Athyn
Old York Road Historical Society
Branching Tree
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Branching Tree
Little by Little: Finding the Lord's Way in South Africa
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Little by Little: Finding the Lord's Way in South Africa
Helga Childs

Confession of Faith or Confirmation of Baptism
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Confession of Faith or Confirmation of Baptism

Rev. David Holm

The purpose of the rite of confirmation or "Confession of Faith" in the new Church is that young adults may publicly declare their religious faith...It serves as an ultimate act which introduces to spiritual maturity.