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Seasonal Improvisations - CD
Seasonal Improvisations - CD
Our Price: $15.00

Seasonal Improvisations
performed by Kenneth Coy
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Living Water - CD
Living Water - CD
Our Price: $15.00

Living Water

This CD is K�ren`s first independent CD, after spending many years singing and creating original music cooperativly with her sister Heather. Artistically crafted, this stunningly beautiful music is a collection to treasure.
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Living Fountains - CD
Living Fountains - CD
Our Price: $12.00

Living Fountains
Karen Childs Elder

Karen began this musical project as an aid to children in learning Scripture recitations from the New King James Version of the Word. Setting the words to music greatly increased the children's ability to remember them. Now, "Living Fountains" offers 34 recitations, joyfully composed and sung by Karen with beautiful musical accompaniments. Use this CD to teach children Scripture in a fun way, or simply enjoy it as a musical celebration of the Word.

Song List

1.Rest In Hope
2.Come To Us Like Rain
3.Founded On The Rock
4.Joy May Be Full
6.Babe Lying In A Manger
7.Bear Fruit With Patience
8.Deep Calls Unto Deep
9.One Is Your Teacher
10.God Is For me
11.Father Who Sees In Secret
12.Lord I Will Follow You
13.He Is Risen
14.Over Many Waters
15.Refuge For Us
16.First And The Last
17.Awaken The Dawn
18.God Will Shine Forth
19.Up With A Shout
20.My Brother And Sister And Mother
21.My Soul Trusts In You
22.Let Us Shout Joyfully
23.Laid Him In A Manger
24.Things Seen And Heard
25.Strong Tower
26.Hoping For Nothing In Return
27.Measured Back To You
28.With Joyful Lips
29.It Will Be Opened
30.Two Marys, One Angel And Jesus
31.Every Tree
32.Very Present Help
33.Living Fountains
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The Message of Love Behind the Ten Commandments - CD
The Message of Love Behind the Ten Commandments - CD
Our Price: $7.95

The Message of Love behind the Ten Commandments
A Talk by Jonathan S. Rose

"On the surface of it, there is little in Scripture that seems less loving or kindly than the image of God thundering "Thou Shalt Not" from the top of a burning mountain. And yet deep in our hearts we know that God is love, and therefore somehow the Ten Commandments must be, at some level, a message not of guilt, shame, and condemnation, but of love."

After these opening words of a talk given in Glencairn, Dr. Rose takes us on a journey to find the love that is embodied in the Ten Commandments. What we learn along the way is that far from seeking to judge or condemn us, God is actually reaching out through the Ten Commandments to form a partnership with each one of us.

In a moving talk supported at key moments with his own original music, Dr. Rose brings us to the top of the mountain, where we can see that the covenant is love.

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